A CNN article titled “Are whites racially oppressed?” and my thoughts about the racial conflict.

A new CNN article titled “Are whites racially oppressed?” attempts to address the question of whether or not whites are actually oppressed. The article mentions how whites, in particular white males, are discriminated against, such as denied academic scholarships. Some may believe this is a good thing to make up for past racial injustices while others disagree with it. I, for one, is someone who disagrees with this type of discrimination, because nobody can choose what biological race they are as this is predetermined. In addition, when you discriminate, you consequently reduce efficiency as you may be discriminating in favor of a much lesser qualified individual who may be incapable of doing the job at the expected performance level. I also do not believe that we can ever get over the race problems in the United States, if we practice any forms of discrimination against any group. After studying extensively on this topic of racial conflict, I honestly do not believe that it can ever be eliminated, but only minimized, and the only way we can minimize this is to focus more on the individual’s needs rather than the particular group needs as well as having one national culture, as multiculturalism leads to too much conflict as each group differs culturally, and thus sees particular political, legal, and social issues different at extreme levels, which leads to unnecessary conflict that may result in violence, and thus harm innocent people .

I would also like to point out with this article that a sociology professor named, Charles Gallagher, said “Like it or not, the country is going to look more like it should — more brown folks, more yellow folks, more gay folks, more mixed folks.” Notice how he used the term “should.” His statement is an opinion statement, and what his statement leads me to believe is that he believes that his opinion should be enforced on everyone, and it also appears to be racist against white people as well. Imagine if you told Asian countries that they need to have more black, brown, and white people, or if you told African countries that they need to have more yellow and white people. I am sure these countries would be outraged, because they have their own unique culture and way of life, which would be infringed on if they would become more diverse, and consequently make the world a less interesting place.

The article makes an interesting note when it mentions Robert Putnam, who “says his studies of diverse communities show that in the short run, its members tend to expect the worst, distrust neighbors and withdraw.” And in reality, this seems to be what is occurring, especially with the blacks and hispanics in Los Angeles, CA.

Yes, there are places where groups of different races and cultures can live together peacefully. In addition, there have been some successful interracial marriages. However, this is not the case for everybody, and society needs to realize this, and instead of advocating for force integration that has led to unneccessary violence and bloodshed before, society needs to advocate “free association”, and allow people to live by who they want to, which will yield a more peaceful result. 




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