Celebrities, marriage, and tattoos.

A recent slide show at http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/entertainment/2011/03/02/celebrity-ink/#slide=1 shows celebrities with tattoos. One reoccurring theme in these tattoos is that some celebrities get tattoos of their spouse’s name. It is also interesting to note that celebrity marriages generally do not last long. So to me, it makes no sense getting a tattoo of your spouse’s name on you since there is a probability that divorce will occur. Some examples in this slide show are Angelina Jolie’s tattoo of “Billy Bob” and Pam Anderson’s tattoo of “Tommy”  to name a couple whose relationship with that person ended in divorce.  It is also interesting to note that Paris Hilton had a tattoo of “Nick Carter” but latter had it “laser-removed.” My question is that is it worth getting a tattoo of a spouse’s name just to get removed or to leave it on, and then potentially hooking up with someone who has the same name, but could be overweight or deformed in someway?

To many celebrities, or rather a lot of Americans in general go to the extremes when they fall in love where their judgement is impaired and they make dumb decisions, such as getting tattoos of their spouse’s name. Marriage is also no longer a sacred bond, which is reflected in the high divorce rate. Getting a tattoo of a spouse’s name and the getting married is just a step up from dating, as commitments to relationships being forever until death are no longer the norm.


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