How purchasing downloads instead of a physical copy can make you poorer

New technology innovations have allowed consumers to be able to purchase their products instantly in a digital format. This has become popular for music, books, movies, and video games. The primary benefit of purchasing products in a digital format is as mentioned before that it is instant where you do not have to wait around for the product to be shipped or go to the store to pick it up. Another great benefit is that it can easily be stored and does not take up physical space. This has a huge benefit to the producer of this product as well, because it substantially reduces their production costs and for some, it has eliminated the whole cost of producing a physical product of the good.

One may think that because the production of a digital copy would cost much less than a physical copy since the producers only need to pay for the cost to produce the good instead of having the additional cost of factories that manufacture the goods, but this is not the case.  For example, “God of War: Olympus in Chains”  for the psp costs $19.99 for a direct digital download to the psp, which is the equivalent to the retail price of the physical copy.  However, a physical copy in new condition sells for much less on, and some times you can purchase a used copy for under $7. Another example, is how songs in mp3 format sell for a $1.29 and digital albums can sell for much more than $10, although if you watch your prices you can purchase a new physical copy of the product cheaper or even save even more with a used physical copy.

Physical copies have benefits to them that the digital copies do not, such as you can save even more money on them, especially if a used market develops where certain products become outdated, and thus the prices decline of the physical copies in a used market. In addition, if you are disappointed with or get tired of a physical product, such as a book, music cd, dvd and blu-ray, and a video game, you could either sell it online or trade it in for cash or credit, which will recoup some of your losses from the original purchase.  There are more sales on physical copies than a digital download.  Another benefit of a physical copy is that it is something that you can touch and hold. This can have benefits, such as you can save hard drive space on your computer or digital device. In addition, there is a possibility that a digital download may not download correctly or not download at all, and with some places, you will not be able to download it again or would need to purchase the same download again. There is also the possibility if your hard drive crashes where you are out those digital files as well.

Overall, you can save more money purchasing physical copies of a good, especially in the long run, instead of purchasing digital downloads. However, in years to come, producers will try to make it where you can only buy their product in digital format, because it increases their income by two ways 1. it eliminates the used physical copy market and 2. eliminates the production cost of manufacturing physical copies.

Moreover, your quality of life declines substantially from purchasing digital downloads instead of purchasing the physical copies from the reasons mentioned above.


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