Detroit’s public school system new method to improve test scores, if you can’t succeed legitimately, then just cheat, and why the United States education system is a failure on an international comparison

The Detroit public school system had to resort to cheating and altering standardized testing results in order to make it appear that they made a significant improvement.

This is an ongoing problem across the nation because teachers have become such bad educators that they have to result to these tactics to make themselves look good, so they could demand higher wages as a result of doing a so-called effective job of teaching. This example just like so many other schools is a reason why the system needs to be reformed. The teachers are obviously failing society as their real job is supposed to be pass current knowledge down to future generations to advance on, however, they are clearly malingering on this responsibility as they are only concerned about their personal well-being than society’s well-being. This is why so many teachers are so lazy and refuse to teach, instead they just hand out a worksheet or tell the students to read the textbook instead of them actually lecturing and helping to improve literacy across the nation. Teachers do not even take the additional effort to prepare their own lectures, activities, and exams, and instead everything is now relied on by what the textbook publishers provide, such as worksheets, exams, powerpoint lecture slides, as well as what to say in a lecture.  The main reason why people go into teaching these days is because it is an easy job that pays well with a lot of vacation time.

To give an idea on how bad the United States education system is that teachers often complain that they are not appreciated and always push for school levys, so they give themselves raises rather than improve the product that they are producing. This is seen in the results on a global comparison with other nations.

The United States spends the fourth most amount of money per student in the world, whereas they are tied for number 25 in literacy rates in the world.  In addition, a study on an international comparison for 15 year olds comprehension in math, science, and reading demonstrates that the United States are far behind the rest of the developed world, especially since they are not getting the returns from  their investment. In this study, the United States rated number 26 in math, 22 in science, and 18 in reading.  

If teachers in the United States are so good and deserve these high sallaries with lucrative benefits, then shouldn’t United States be rated towards the top in literacy rates, reading, math, and science comprehension?


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