Obama the Malingerer’s approval rating increases after televising his March Madness predictions on ESPN

So apparently, Obama’s approval rating improved by 3 points on Gallup to 48% after he made his March Madness predictions on ESPN.

This makes me wonder if there is any hope left for the United States as the American public is primarily composed of idiots whose ideal president is someone who makes sports predictions on national television, parties on every Wednesday and often more than that, plays golf and basketball frequently, and goes on vacation all the time. He does all of this on the tax payers’ dollars. Americans obviously have no concern about the rising gas and food prices as well as other issues that negatively affect them that make them poorer, but instead would prefer to consume much less, so some elitist like Obama can consume more. Once again, the elites get wealthier, and the masses get poorer, and yet the masses are allowing this to happen.





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