Another waste of tax dollars, a White Privilege Conference that preaches hatred towards white people.

“The Lakeville schools are sending a delegation of teachers to the 12th annual “White Privilege Conference” at the Bloomington Sheraton from Aug. 13-16. The district is shelling out $160 a pop — plus $125 a day for teacher subs — for this “white guilt” festival.”

“The conference is “built on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people,” according to conference materials. Its mission is to get participants to confront their biases in a “journey in understanding white supremacy, whiteness, privilege, power and oppression,” and to “agree to take action in [their] own circle of power.”

“But don’t despair, he counsels. We must look beyond our “declining empire” to “exciting progressive developments” in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela — among them, “land reform and redistribution of wealth, neighborhood committees, recognition of women’s unpaid labor, end of spanking.”

“There’s always the possibility that the ‘haters,’ as one of the organizers puts it, will descend in mass and try to disrupt peaceful discussions about the advantages of being white in America and the oppression that has led to.”



Notice how the liberals always have to preach hatred of white people. They claim that whites are so privilege. Really, then why have there been studies done that have shown that non-whites who have the same IQ as whites earn more income on average in the same job with similar experience. In addition, Asians have a higher GDP per capita than whites. This seems to be conference that advocates confiscating wealth from whites to give non-whites, even the ones who don’t even work hard. Whats wrong with working hard on your own to generate your own wealth instead having a grievance of one groups success and want to deprive that group anymore by taking their wealth away that they worked so hard for? Maybe, they should have a non-white privilege conference, after all, they do get accepted into colleges with lower credentials than whites, and have access to college scholarships as well as other programs that aim to exclusively benefit non-whites. Whites have been the group that people discriminate against these days, and the media and schools only advocate more of it. They also look the other way on any violent crimes that non-whites commit against whites that were racially motivated.

We will never live in a society in mult-racial harmony, because each group has a grievance against another one, and thus become suspicious of that particular group.


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