Are higher gas prices an obvious explanation of how Obama is actually hurting his fan basis, or rather the ones he claims to represent?

Thanks to Obama’s Executive Order to ban U.S. offshore drilling and allowing Venezuela to drill deeper for their offshore drilling, a gallon of gas in U.S. dollars cost Americans $3.90 a gallon, compared to $0.12 for Venezuelans.

It has been rather clear that Obama only hurts the ones who he claims to be helping. He is the most un-American president ever, besides being anti-freedom, he is an awful socialist who does not come up with programs that benefit Americans as a whole, but rather he focuses on policies that benefit other nations instead. The biggest beneficiaries of his policies are clearly government workers and particular corporations, such as GE.

G.E. posted a 77% profit and paid no taxes on it. I guess Obama’s tax plan to tax the wealthiest was not supposed to be taken literally, another con by a man who wears a mask. His tax policy is to select and choose who gets taxed and who does not, based on their support for his tyranny.

His economic policies have been a complete disaster, which has proven to prolong that deep-recession in the United States. According to an article by the WSJ:

“The latest evidence is yesterday’s disappointing report of 1.8% in first quarter GDP. At this stage of recovery after a deep recession, the economy is typically growing by 4% or more as consumer confidence returns and businesses accelerate investment as their profits revive. Yet in this recovery consumers are still cautious and business investment remains weak.”

I encourage to check out the chart on that article as well, which compared how much quicker Regan got the United States out of Jimmy Carter’s recession to Obama’s performance of not seriously attempting to get the U.S. out of this deep recession, as he has only implemented more tax burdens and regulations in a time where these barriers for businesses and consumers need to be relaxed and lowered. Obama has also waged a war on small businesses and the middle and working classes of the United States.

Obama has performed so lousy that even Ralph Nader plans to oppose him in the primaries as Obama has failed at standing up to the greedy corporations, but rather instead pander to their lobbyists. In addition, Obama failed at health care, instead of providing everyone with universal health care as Nader probably would have liked, Obama has instead decided to implement individual mandates that will increase premiums as well as boost the profit for the health insurance industry; it is a nother lose-lose situation for the hapless masses.



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