Anthony Weiner and the Party of No Morals

Anthony Weiner is just another example of how the Democrats have no morals. Previous incidents that depict the Democrats of having no morals is Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs with other women while being married such as the infamous Monica Lewinsky incident. Another example is when John Edwards cheated on his wife. The list goes on and on of Democrats cheating on their wives, however, their wives have no problem with it, because their marriage is about political power and influence over the ignorant masses. In addition, Barney Frank had a male prostitute on payroll. These examples demonstrate that the Democrats are the party of no morals, especially when none of them resign. However, it also demonstrates the double standard on the Republicans. When Chris Lee, a New York Congressman, was caught attempting to cheat on his wife with a Craig’s List ad, he was forced to resign; you can also find numerous other incidents when Republicans are forced to resign as a result of immoral behavior. They are forced to resign, because Republicans have a reputation of being Christian-like and thus having morals unlike the Democrats who are known to champion everything that the bible and koran are against.

Photos of Anthony Weiner appeared in the National Enquirer that show him wearing women clothes or rather being a transvestite. In addition, Weiner was also contacting a minor. He was sending nude photos of himself to other women and having phone sex while being married. He also lied about this when first asked about and tried to blame it on someone else as well as threatening to have law enforcement to investigate something that he had done. Yet, oddly enough his wife had absolutely no problem with his behavior and urges him to seek reelection as this marriage is only about political power instead of love.

Democrats like Weiner routinely lie and have no credibility, yet they continue to engage in immoral acts and get reelected. Why would anyone want to be a Democrat? This is obviously the party of hypocrites and degenerates.




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