Obama threatens to not send social security checks, but Feds continue to fund study to measure gay men’s penis sizes.

In a primary example of how the United States government has its priorities wrong, they are threatening to not send out social security checks to seniors if the debt ceiling does not pass. However, they continue to fund nonsensical studies, such as a study that costs the tax payers more than $800 thousand dollars to measure gay men’s penis sizes (http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/18/feds-pay-for-study-of-gay-men%e2%80%99s-penis-sizes/#ixzz1ScbPymTT). Another study that the Fed funds, examines the effects of playing World of Warcraft, which costs $3 million to fund (http://content.usatoday.com/communities/onpolitics/post/2010/12/grateful-dead-tom-coburn-wasteful-spending-/1?csp=hf). Check out this link to find more ridiculous spending: http://www.truthistreason.net/government-waste-20-crazy-things-the-us-govt-is-spending-taxpayer-money-on. Also, the government wastes billions of dollars that they give to foreign countries. The United States international affairs budget was close to $57 billion (http://listosaur.com/politics/top-10-recipients-of-united-states-foreign-aid.html). Just imagine how much the United States could save in tax dollars if it stopped its wasteful spending. Shouldn’t the United States government put the interest of the American people first instead of wasting how many dollars on meaningless studies as well as giving free money to countries that do not like them?

Even worse, Obama is threatening seniors to not give them their social security checks, which by the way, they paid into. However in addition to his wasteful spending, Obama gave his White House Staff an 8% raised (http://gawker.com/5818310) while the rest of Americans have mostly been seeing their wages either freeze or cut.

It has been obvious that the United States government’s priorities have been clearly wrong, and yet the American people will not hold him accountable, which is why unemployment will remain high and the United States will more close to default.


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