The United States Education sytem has the wrong priorities and must be reform

The education system needs to focus more on mathematics, science, and reading instead of stressing tolerance and collectivist teaching rather than actual academics. They also focus too much on changing society’s culture by remaking it in a vision of their own. As a result the United States is falling behind in the international rankings. No wonder why the American education system is such a mess when their priorities are in the wrong place.

Here is some of the nonsensical things schools are doing now:

California is requiring Gay History in schools (

Schools are stopping to teach cursive writing. How do you sign a check or a document then? (

It is proposed in New York to teach high schoolers about unwanted baby laws, which should be rather common sence (

A teacher forced her students to clean bathrooms with paper towels as a disciplinary action (

Chicago Public Schools ban homemade lunches (

Here is the result of such poor academic structure:

A study shows that 36% of college graduates learn nothing (


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