The Marketing of Marxism and Liberal Propaganda in Comic Books

Comic books today have become more of a tool for liberal propaganda than entertainment to little kids. For the most part in my childhood, comic books generally had an a-political plot line where it was always good versus evil. Superheros who would defend cities against supervillians who would try to steal thought after goods or take over the world. There were very little political messages with no subliminal messages on what political party you should support. However in today’s society, comic books have been used by the left to indoctrinate the malleable minds of the youth.

Here are a few examples of how comics books are more than ever used as political propaganda:

DC Comic’s Superman renounces his American citizenship to take up global causes. Remember how Obama told the american public he is a global citizen first and an American citizen second? This is also an indicator of how the left wants to eradicate nationalism in favor of globalism. Also, Marxists advocate no borders, no national sovereignty, and favor a global community.  (

Recently, Marvel Comics killed off Peter Parker, so he can be replaced by a new Spiderman, who is biracial (black and hispanic) and could be possibly gay. This fits the gay agenda as well as with the idea of how liberals want to displace white people and their culture in favor of a multi-racial society where whites become the oppressed minority in the very same societies that they created. (

In a Marvel’s Captain America comic book, the Tea Party is portrayed as a white supremacist group who wants anarchy. Captain America and another superhero who is black, battle against the Tea Party. Marvel pins the Tea Party as the bad guys who need to be stopped.  (

Even worse, Devil’s Due produced a comic book called “Barack the Barbarian” in which Barack Obama, who is the superhero, battles the supervillian, Sarah Palin. They have also produced several other comic books that perceive Obama as a strong fit leader. This reminds me of something that Nazi Germany would do with Hitler. (




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