School Wants to Ban Halloween, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving. Can we ban MLK Day too?

A recent article notes that a school wants to ban Halloween, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving. According to the principal at the school:

“When I grew up, I was taught from a very European perspective of history and it was both embarrassing and enlightening to me when I learned other perspectives”.
This principal appears to be anti-European American and disrespectful to the heritage that found United States as a country as well as their pursuit for enlightenment, exploration, and freedom. More and more these days there are people, like this principle, who blame European Americans for the world’s problems as they want to destroy their way of life, especially their culture, and replace the very same nations that they built with something that is very different from the roots of Western Civilization. The question becomes should we have the right to eradicate a racial group of people’s culture and replacing it with something else? The fact that there are people out there who are telling schools that you have no right to celebrate Columbus Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving is the very definition of intolerant. Yet these same schools celebrate Martin Luther King Day who happened to be a plagiarist, womanizer, and a communist. In addition, some schools in the south-west celebrate Che Guerra Day, a many who was a racist and mass murderer. It is also sad when these anti-European activists do not understand history nor actually have taken any time to do their own research, because they prefer to remain ignorant, and rather use their specious propaganda as a way to further instill grievances in non-whites, and thus encourage violence and murder against European Americans. This is just another reason why diversity is a weakness and not a strength. One racial groups heroes are another racial groups villains. This why the majority of us should with in separate societies that reflect each groups own values and morals rather than trying force one set of values and morals on everyone, which only leads to conflict and unnecessary bloodshed.




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