Poltical Parties are more important than Poltical Beliefs; TSA and Arizona Immigration law Similiarities

A good example of this is how Republicans were demonized for their immigration bill in Arizona that gave cops the ability to check for immigration status after breaking a law; the media portrayed them as Nazis for checking for documents while media ignores the Democrats policies of allowing the TSA to do random searches at checkpoints without warrants. Here is a link to news report on TSA doing random stops on the highway in Tennessee:


The media and Democrats demonize the Tea Party as a violent mob while the protests on Wall-Street are people who are just exercising their right. When it comes to Bush Jr. and Obama’s policies, they are both very similar in a way. Both gave bailed outs, unconstitutional wars (Bush in Iraq and Obama in Libya and Uganda), violate civil liberties (airport security, random checkpoints, and the Patriot Act), appointed the same Fed Chairman, expanded foreign aid and deficit spending, gave tax breaks to big corporations who outsource American jobs, etc. Yet the media demonized on the same policies they praise Obama for because Bush was a Republican. Shouldn’t our political beliefs be more important than political parties? However, so many people are more focused on rooting for their political party regardless of what position they take, and not hold them accountable for their own standards and values.



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