The Egomaniac Strikes Again: Obama Campaigns With His Obama Classic, which NBA Players Play to Raise Money for His Reelection Bid

On December 12, NBA players will play a game of basketball for Obama to raise money for his campaign. The tickets will be priced from $100 to $5,000. Obama is obviously pulling out all the stops to try to be reelected. It is obvious that the president is more focused on his reelection bid than to fix the economy. The president has done nothing to alleviate the burden of high unemployment, which has remained at 9% throughout his first term in office. Since he has been in office, more people rely on food stamps and live in poverty than any other previous time in history. He has violated his original campaign promise to stop the wars, for example, Afghanistan and Iraq wars are still going on, and now he has got us in wars with Libya and Uganda. Big corporations continue to outsource American jobs, especially companies that he panders to, such as GE who outsource more than 20% of American jobs while paying no taxes. In addition, he took Bush’s policies that violate civil rights further, such as establishing the TSA, and extending the Patriot Act which by the way he made a campaign promise to get rid of it. Overall, the masses are idiots if they reelect him because he has no way benefited them, which can be seen in the growing numbers of poverty and decline of standard of living.

For more information about Obama’s Classic basketball game, check out:


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