Too often, society sees racism where it is non-existent.

A family owned business whose owners are immigrants from Puerto Rico were forced to closed down their ice cream store in Florida, because they were branded a racist, because some people (blacks and politically correct whites) could not tell the difference between a KKK outfit and an ice cream cone costume:

An ESPN senior writer was fired for using the common phrase “chink in the armor” to describe Jeremy Lin’s weakness. The senior editor did not even know it was racist until he was fired:

A seven-year old in the U.K. was kicked out of school and branded a “thought criminal” for asking a brown student if he was from Africa. More than 20,000 students at the age of 11 or younger have been kicked out of school and have been labeled a “thought criminal.” Some of them have been in trouble for saying the name “Gaylord”:

A Texas County Official believes the term “black hole” is racist towards black people even though it has been a common used term to describe place where nothing can escape:

Society has become way too sensitive and continue to see racism in places where it is non-existent. Maybe, society should do away with terms such as black, dark, chink, zipper, brown, yellow, etc because they offend everyone.


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