A baseball president and coach was suspended for a year because he refered Whitney Houston as the “N-word”:


Two high schoolers were expelled and received death threats because they criticized black people’s actions. Meanwhile, students who were using racial slurs towards the one who was Hispanic, did not get in trouble:


However, a Judge in PA, who happens to be an Islam covert, dismissed a case where Muslims assaulted an individual who mocked Islam. The judge said the victim deserved the attack, yet in PA you can not defend yourself if someone breaks into your home:


If that is not disturbing enough, a gang of black lesbians who attacked a gay white male claimed they were provoked to attack the victim, and want off because of this:


The problem with these stories is that free speech which is protected by the constitution is being violated whereas violent criminals are getting off for their actions for justifying it by claiming that someones first amendment rights provoked them to do it. If you commit a violent crime in response to someone who says something or does a gesture that you do not like, you should be penalized for that. However, freedom of speech, especially when off the job, should not be disciplined.


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