Currently, the La Raza president is calling for an alliance of Hispanic and Blacks to attack and harm White people. Judge Sotomayor is a member of this hate group, La Raza, you know the woman who says a wise latina woman has better judgement than a white person. People like this who spew hate is why race relations have been getting worse in this country, especially when racists like Sotomayor attain powerful positions in this country who focuses on oppressing certain groups for looking different rather than treating everyone as the same.

Here is the audio for the La Raza President:


Whites are constantly murdered by blacks and Hispanics for being white, yet their is no hate crime charge just for the fact that the victims are white and the assaulters are non-white. Whites are constantly being oppressed, and the media constantly find ways to portray them as every white person as being a racist who deserves to be murdered by non-whites. George Zimmerman who is not even white, but Hispanic, is considered to be white by the mainstream media just to provoke violence on white people. Additionally, a Native American who killed a few blacks in Oklahoma is considered to be white by the mainstream media for the same reasons.

Racial tensions are at their worse, it appears that multiculturalism will never work as result of past grievances. 



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